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Custom Solutions

We start by inspecting for stains. Each type of stain requires a different treatment. A coffee stain, for instance, may require up to three processes: one to remove the coffee, one to treat milk or cream, and another to address sugar. That's why our technicians use a wide range of tools to break down and remove stains without harming the fabric.

We separate all apparel by color, types of fabrics (silk, wool, etc.), and thickness before starting to clean them. Then, we choose the right cleaning method for each item. For garments with delicate beadwork or embroidery, we combine different cleaning methods to give you the best results.

We take some precautions with delicate buttons, trims, embroidery, and ornaments so that they are not damaged. We take buttons off before cleaning, and attach them again after ironing or wrap them up with aluminum foil, then clean and iron the apparel, and unwrap the buttons. For trims, embroidery, and ornaments, we use a special net bag so that they are kept safe.

Finishing Touches

After cleaning, inspectors look over each piece. If it doesn't meet their critical eye, the item returns to the stain removal board. Only when we are satisfied do we release your garments for pressing and finishing, followed by custom packaging.

Women's Garments

We customize the cleaning process for each individual piece. When you present a garment for cleaning at Omega Cleaners, our experts will thoroughly inspect your items for stains and needed repairs. In addition, we take precautions to protect or remove delicate buttons, ornaments, and trims so that they are not damaged in the cleaning process. Although there are some items that cannot be cleaned, the majority of garments have at least one safe method of cleaning. Omega Cleaners has the knowledge, experience, and staff to make the best educated recommendations for your garments.


Men's Garments

Omega Cleaners respects the preservation needs of finely tailored, luxuriant, natural fiber clothing. Lapels are softly rolled. Pleats are precisely hand pressed to avoid seam impressions. Delicate buttons are kept from harm's way. Neckties, so often bias cut for shape and drape, are deftly finished to prevent rippling while maintaining fullness and rolled edge. Imported custom fitted dress and formal shirts may be completely hand ironed for a sculpted finish that's crisp, yet soft to the touch. At Omega Cleaners, these techniques are not viewed as special treatment, but rather as the expected performance of a sensitive valet.
Give your fine clothing to the experts for care. Our dry cleaner is specially trained, and our equipment is state-of-the-art. Your garments will be treated with the highest level of expertise and personal care.


Shirt Laundry

Never iron another shirt again! Our shirt laundry service turns wrinkled and soiled shirts back into crisp business attire like magic. We don't stop with washing -- we remove stains, replace buttons, mend seams, and beautifully finish shirts (crackling with starch if you like!)


Leather and Suede

We send your garments to professionals who handle your costly and beautiful leather and suede clothing with expertise. Their skilled leather cleaners are experts at cleaning delicate skins and restoring color, luster, and softness to your suede and leather garments. They add oil to dry leather and color to discolored leather if needed.


Gown Cleaning

Your gown, a unique treasure that cannot easily be replaced, deserves our expertise. After the wedding, one of our experts goes over the gown with you, inch by inch. We search for invisible sugar stains with a black light and treat these areas before cleaning. (This step avoids unpleasant surprises when you pick up your dress.) We then use up to three processes to treat your gown. This custom approach removes stains while retaining fabric texture and protecting beadwork and other decorations.

Gown Restoration

We also provide a special restoration service to whiten vintage gowns that have yellowed with time. Our brides have worn their grandmothers' and even their great-grandmothers' wedding gowns on their special day.

Gown Preservation

As a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, we use tested preservation techniques backed by an international guarantee. We pack your gown in an acid-free preservation box with acid-free tissue and unbleached cotton muslin.

  wedding gown

Fur Cleaning and Storage

We send your fur to the same professionals that handle leather. Protect your investment by having your furs cleaned and glazed at least once a year. We highly recommend their cold storage service for the summer months to prevent the skin dehydration and eventual hair loss caused by heat and humidity.


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